What happens when you book your dream shoot?

First consult:

During our conversation I will design your dream shoot- we can meet for coffee somewhere or we can talk over the phone or skype. We will talk about make up, hair and what outfits will work the best, and which will show your full potential! (It is also a great opportunity to go shopping before the shoot! )

What happens during your dream shoot day?

When you arrive we will take care about your hair and make up. It is a perfect moment to relax and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea.

After everything is ready we will walk to studio area where I will guide you throughout the entire shoot, showing you poses that will enhance your gorgeous body! (As I am a true believer that every single woman is gorgeous!) I love that moment when you step out of judging yourself and thinking „do I look good?“ „is this the right pose?“ and you start to shine.

After we are all done we will schedule a date for your viewing session.

Viewing  and Ordering Session

When you are going home with your hair and make up done, feeling fantastic, I will start working on your photographs so they are ready for your return.

On your viewing session you will see around 30 fully retouched photographs from your day and decide what you want to do with them and which of them you want to take home with you.