Enchanted Portraits Workshop Malaga 2020 February


Learn to create through your personal vision
creative free time, and panel discussions.
The maximum number of attendees is 7 to keep the event intimate.

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Enchanted Portraits with Karolina Skorek in Sunny Malaga 

08 February 2020

Come to Malaga with me! Lets enjoy sunny Spain and learn how to create enchanted art outside of studio, in Magical Malaga!

Remember this is price is workshop only – you will still have to buy your plane tickets and accommodation 🙂 

This is an action and inspiration packed one day hands on workshop covering a subject of fine-art photography!

The aim of the workshop is to have you ‘think outside the box’ and consider that you don’t need a production team to help execute your personal artistic vision. We will shoot around different locations in Malaga, discussing all ingredients needed for creating the your vision.

Drawing inspiration from her years as an illustrator and a painter, Karolina Skorek creates her work with a camera and photoshop. Her imaginative concepts, thorough planning, and attention to every detail results in portraits that belong in galleries. Karolina shares her knowledge of lighting through art history costume selection, storytelling and character-building before taking you into Photoshop where she gives her artworks the final polish.

In this workshop Karolina reveals her creative process and demonstrates the techniques used to create her beautiful painterly images in-studio and then later in Photoshop. Starting with pre-production, Karolina will explain how she conceptualizes and finds inspiration for her images. She then goes through her costumes to create a distinct look and style for an image. Once on set, Karolina sets up and tests studio lighting required for her painterly style.

You then see her pose and communicate with her subject, and work entirely through capturing an image on set as well as you will have a unique opportunity to work with the model yourself to create those images to your own portfolio.

Finally you will have a chance to go through your own portfolio with her to see which areas you need to focus on to create the best possible results.

Karolina will prepare you to start your own artistic work with the camera and inspire you to deepen your creative search to develop your unique ideas and stay inspired by the things around you. You will learn how to create an original narrative, how to create your own photo series as well as post production techniques and skills for compositing and retouching.

This class is aimed at anyone who knows how to use their camera but would like to polish their skills and step into the world of fine art photography.

This is a hands on workshop during which you will learn:

Art composition, what makes a good photograph
what is “fine art photography” and how to get started?
How to photograph in ever so changing sunny weather? what is the minimum you need?
Composting and retouching walkthrough
How to find inspiration and stay inspired (thinking “out of the box”)
Practical tips on how to make sure you have the best portfolio for the job, how to apply for competitions, projects etc.

Whats included?

model and costumes,
studio session and outdoor shoot if the weather allows that
technical and moral support
coffee, tea, water snacks
unlimited inspiration and creativity

How to prepare?

Bring your camera
Laptop with Photoshop installed
open mind
Your portfolio, favourite photographs etc.

About Karolina:

Karolina Skorek is an artist exhibiting and selling her images across the World. She had her work published in Uk, China, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Spain and USA. She works mainly with actors, dancers and musicians.

She creates surreal images that are dark yet beautiful and full of hope, by using ethereal, whimsical and fairytale visuals. Each image tells a story, and each story is part of a larger narrative running constantly in my imagination. Each image is exploring female archetypes and the shadow manifestation in art and is fueled by folk tales and old belief systems.

These works are constructed before the camera or computer is ever used through pre conceptualisation and research, and only when the image is designed and planned will it be created. Her art is heavily edited to achieve painterly effect yet remain fully photographic, depict wild imagination filled with dark, dream-like scenes with whimsical subjects. Each story brings light and hope to the brooding melancholy we all have inside us.

If you have any questions please contact Karolina on her Facebook Page or through her website.



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